Highlights of COVID-19 RT-PCR test at BioExcel Diagnostics

PCR tests remain to be the “Gold Standard” for COVID-19 testing. While PCR on nasal swabs is the current standard for SARS-CoV-2 detection, PCR can also be detected using Saliva. COVID-19 testing with saliva can be a more advantageous alternative for routine and regular screening due to ease of collection, minimal supply requirements, and importantly, accuracy that is comparable to that of a nasopharyngeal swab.

Studies conducted by Yale and Rutgers Universities have found that COVID-19 saliva-based testing is comparable to nasal swabs and even outperforms commercial nasal swabs. These tests are more sensitive compared to self-administered nasal swabs or the rapid antigen tests.

SalivaDirectTM is highly sensitive, reliable and effective as the previous gold-standard of the nasopharyngeal PCR swabbing tests. Unlike the nasal swab, this saliva testing is less invasive and pain-free and has greater ability for greater number of people to get tested. Saliva testing is accessible and scalable, and a unique option for mass screenings in schools and work settings since it does not require clinical or technical expertise for sample collection.

The FDA has issued emergency use authorization for saliva-based tests based on its high level of accuracy that’s comparable to COVID-19 nasal swab testing. As a high-complexity CLIA laboratory, BioExcel Diagnostics offers the SalivaDirectTM COVID-19 test. Results will normally be provided within 24 hours after the collected specimens are received at BioExcel Diagnostics laboratory. Along with this COVID-19 PCR test, BioExcel Diagnostics has also launched a respiratory panel assay that includes additional viral pathogens such as Influenza A, Influenza B and Respiratory syncytial (sin-SISH-uhl) virus (RSV). We are committed to helping build testing capacity during the COVID-19 pandemic, and supporting organizations, businesses, schools, and universities by offering easier solutions for routine testing to safely get back to work and learn safely.

BioExcel Diagnostics also offers quick PCR results for traveling purposes. Whether it’s by nasal or by saliva, it’s one of the quickest and reliable ways to receive results for travel. Most airlines and destinations will accept PCR tests although you should check with airlines on specific requirements.

How is BioExcel Diagnostics different from other laboratories?

We pride ourselves to maintaining the highest level of clinical quality possible, that means you can rest assure that any testing provided by BioExcel Diagnostics means it has gone through vigorous validation processes and quality assurance checks. BioExcel Diagnostics is a CLIA certified and CAP laboratory, which ensures quality and precise test results. BioExcel Diagnostics also uses a unique electronic tracking system that provides providers and patients with a secure portal to track testing status and receive results as soon as they are available.